Diesel Truck FAQ

1) Do diesel trucks get better gas mileage than gas trucks?

Although this will vary from truck to truck, the general answer is yes. A general average is that diesel trucks are around 30% more fuel efficient than the gas equivalents, and have considerably more torque/pulling power.

2) How long do diesel trucks last?

Dodge Rams offer exceptional longevity and resale value, which reduces the overall cost of ownership. Although it depends on the trucks being compared, diesel engines last much longer than gas trucks. When maintained properly, the general expectation is that a diesel engine can last 2-3 times longer than a comparable gas engine.

3) What are diesel trucks best suited to?

Along with their exceptional fuel economy, diesel trucks are well suited to carrying and hauling heavy loads while providing reasonable fuel economy. Due to their strong low end power and overall fuel economy, if you require a vehicle to tow on a regular basis, this is usually best suited to a diesel truck.

4) How is diesel for the environment?

Diesel and Gas and both have similarly effects on the environment. The newest diesels have to pass strict emissions guidelines and are relatively smoke and odor free. Vastly different from only 10 years ago, standing close to a new diesel you'll hardly notice any odor.

5) How is diesel fuel different from gasoline?

Diesel fuel is a complex mixture of carbon compounds from the paraffinic, naphthenic, or aromatic classes of hydrocarbons. Diesel and gasoline are both produced from mineral oil in a similar fashion, but with relatively subtle differences. When fuel is refined, one part of the process involves the distillation of crude oil - or the separation of its components by boiling temperature. Gasoline boils in between 40-205ºC whereas diesel boils between 250-350ºC. Join us today at Coquitlam Chrysler and let's find you the best vehicle to match your needs.


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