What is the recommended schedule for oil changes?
Although the generally accepted range is every 5,000 kms the real answer for your vehicle can certainly be different. The type of vehicle, climate, and type of driving all play a large factor in determining what's right for your particular vehicle. The best source of information can be found in the Scheduled Maintenance section of your owner's manual.

Is synthetic oil better than traditional oil?
The easy answer is yes, but whether or not it's the best choice for your vehicle can depend on other factors. Synthetic oil is best suited to high performance vehicles, vehicles that tow/haul regularly, and vehicles that reside in more extreme temperatures.

What is the recommended schedule for fuel filter changes?
A clogged fuel filter is one of the leading causes of vehicles experiencing increased fuel consumption. Replacing your fuel filter is generally inexpensive and will pay for itself many times over with the fuel it will help conserve. We recommend checking the Schedule Maintenance section of your owner's manual for specific information. As a rule of thumb, you should generally plan to replace your fuel filter every 50,000 kms.

What is the recommended schedule for spark plug changes?
Similar to fuel filters, worn spark plugs are another leading cause of increased fuel consumption as well as decreased power. The recommended schedule can vary widely depending on the type of spark plugs that your  vehicle uses, anywhere from every 50,000 kms up to 150,000 kms. Any one of our service technicians can explain the type of spark plugs your vehicle has and what the recommended service interval is. Ensuring your spark plugs are changed regularly is another service that will pay for itself many times over.

What is the recommended schedule for tire rotation?
Rotating tires is one of the most common mistakes made on the regular maintenance of vehicles and leads to premature wear of the tires. An easy rule of thumb is to plan a rotation for every second oil change you get at the dealership (your one stop shop!). This will keep you on plan for roughly one rotation every 10,000 kms of driving.

My vehicle is making a terrible squeal, what should I do!?
More often than not, these sounds are caused by issues with the belts in your vehicle's engine. Any pronounced noise is a warning sign that something is wrong with that particular belt. We recommend getting this looked at as soon as possible as the cost of the belt replacement will be much less than the potential damage a broken belt can cause.

My check engine light turned on, what should I do?
Modern vehicles are very complex machines and they are able to monitor a wide array of things internally. Your check engine light could indicate something very minor or something much more severe. Either way, we can provide you a quick diagnostic with our specialized tools that will let you know exactly what the case is. Again, we recommend having this issue checked out right away as although the vehicle may appear to be running fine something  could be causing long term damage.

I checked my oil and it doesn't look right (it's milky) what should I do?
When your oil doesn't look right, it generally isn't. If it looks milky this is often caused by some other type of fluid leaking and mixing with the oil. Several types of issues can cause this, including a blown head gasket, cracked casings, or issues with a transmission cooler. Each one of these is a serious issue and can cause irreparable damage if not addressed right away.

What does my warranty cover?
Your warranty covers a long list of things to help provide you peace of mind while you own your car. Most of these include premature wear and parts failure within the initial ownership of the vehicle. It's important to note that warranties do not cover regular maintenance for your vehicle.

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay using any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Interac, or cash.

What services do you offer?
We offer a full range of services to provide comprehensive care for your vehicle, including:
- Factory recommended maintenance program 
- Factory recall or warranty work
- Suspension/Alignment/Wheel balancing
- Brakes and Rotors
- Tune-Ups
- Electrical Diagnostics
- Out of province inspections

Where do I get started?
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